Honda Odyssey: a few revisions…

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As you can see, this is not our version of the Honda Odyssey, but the one for the Japanese market.
Which is smaller than the North American model.
The revised one for 2021 is on top. It will not win any beauty contest, but still is an improvement over the previous ghastly grille.

A few changes inside as well. Mostly the giant tablet sticking out. Basically, the whole top part of the dash has been redesigned. 
Even though the tablet looks out of place, they did a much better job than Toyota did with the horrible 2021 Camry new dash. Where the tablet seems to be hiding the air vents. At least, they have been redesigned and rearranged here.
An interesting note: the Japanese Odyssey is also available as a hybrid. It seems Honda really has a problem offering hybrids or EVs in the US. As it took them a few years to bring the CR-V Hybrid over here…

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  1. If they would also replace the dorky looking shifter that would improve the look of the dash too.

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