2011 Infiniti QX55: the QX50 “Coupe”…

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We finally get to see the new 2022 Infiniti QX55. Which is a “coupe” version of the QX50 that came out over 2 years ago. (bottom pic)
As you can see, it is exactly that. Nothing more. It even kept the same huge grille (which looks pretty bad in person… Like most of these huge grilles)
The new QX55 looks a lot like a modern version of the old FX35. Which was a great crossover.

Inside, things are exactly the same as in the older QX50 (bottom pic) Nothing new, except wireless Apple CarPlay.

Which is a shame, Since that Infiniti double screen set up still looks a bit odd. And now, just old…

Apparently, the engine and transmission are the same as in the QX50 as well.

The QX50 has been a giant flop for Infiniti. With only 18 616 sold last year. While Acura sold over 62 000 units of the RDX. I really don’t think adding a new version with a different hatchback design will help that much.  Most reviews I’ve read of the QX50 were pretty bad. Criticizing the engine and CVT. Which has not been changed. 

I think this could become very good example of “too little too late” 

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  1. Smoke and mirrors using the dead carcass skin of the legendary FX on a QX50. That’s unfortunate.

  2. Seems like Infiniti SUV front ends are specifically designed to scare small children.

    As for the addition of this sloped back thing… I wonder if its development was fueled by poor marketing response to the current one's kink in the rear pillar. I found that kink intriguing and original, but ultimately distracting aesthetically. I wonder if your average non-carnut looks at the jagged pillar and sees it as dented.

  3. Ugh, I was so rooting for them. This is just blah. Grille is to big, the fastback gives it less room in the rear, those foglight surrounds are terrible and the tried to dress up that 10 year old interior instead of something all new. Another fail.

  4. It looks decent enough which probably isn’t enough to help the brand. I do think the front grille design is a bit awkward. The grille doesn’t look like it is integrated into the front end design. It looks like it is hanging off the headlights. Very strange!

    I have to admit that I don’t fully get the idea behind these elevated coupe designs. I thought crossover vehicles were popular because of the extra utility they provided over regular cars. A sloped roof design that severely limits the additional utility of a taller and heavier vehicle that more than likely gets less mpg than a car seems to minimize and negate the appeal and advantages of the vehicle. Other than the higher seating position, why would someone want to pay more money for a crossover coupe that doesn’t really offer more utility and gets less gas mileage than a regular car? It just seems to defeat the entire purpose of the taller vehicle. 🤔

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