2021 Honda City Hatchback: the ugly duckling…

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The best thing that can be said about this new “Honda City Hatchback” is that it seems quite versatile.
(Bottom pic)
Otherwise, its only reason to exist is that it is probably cheaper than the Fit in some countries. Although it is larger. (??)
This new City Hatchback makes the new Fit/Jazz look like a futuristic spaceship.
It looks like something Honda designed over 10 years ago. A cheap car that looks even cheaper.
When you compare this to the new Nissan Note I just posted earlier, there is really no excuse. It is like a joke.
Power comes from a small 1.0 Liter Turbo with 120HP. Which is fine for its class. 
This is, of course, not coming to the US. And will not be missed…

This is the City Sedan released last year. Showing that Honda has achieved the amazing feat of making their hatchback version look much worse than the super boring sedan it came from. 

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  1. Beleive me. Here in Brazil this is ultra expected, as a minivan like the Fit/Jazz is not a thing anymore.
    And, being a Honda, its gonna be more expensive than brazilian competition, like Chevrolet Onix and VW Polo/Virtus, it will be less equipped, and will have the status of car for rich people. SAD, BUT TRUE. My mom will go nuts when she sees it. She will wait long 5 years until it became less expensive in the used car market and will be able to buy it for something like 60k.

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