2021 Land Rover Discovery: small changes…

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Land Rover has made a few changes to the Discovery for 2021.
As you can see (the orange car is the 2020 model) changes are very minimal outside.
While inside, (top pic is the new one) the console and steering wheel have been redesigned. Including the new curved screen and shifter from the revised Jaguar models we have seen in the past weeks. Which is a good thing.
Unlike the Jaguar XF, the Discovery had a decent interior and didn’t really need a total redesign.
Engines in the US will be the same 2.0 Liter with 296HP which is offered as an option on the new Jaguar XF.
Or a new inline 6 cylinder with 355HP.
US prices start at $54 000. (or about $1500 more than before) Not cheap…

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  1. It's just such an odd looking vehicle. The back looks like someone who's had their face badly stitched back together.

  2. Ok, not sure, but is that front grill smaller than before? That is unprecedented these days for a manufacturer to decrease a grill size during a refresh. If only other automakers would follow that example. It looks better than the 2020, however I am not crazy about the Discovery to begin with, and I doubt it improves the long term reliability.

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