2021 Nissan Frontier: next to the new Navara…

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 Nissan did unveil the revised Navara today. Which is their smaller “world market” pick up we are not getting in the US.

Instead, we are getting an all-new Frontier mid-size model. You can see the Frontier on the left of the picture.

A much more angular design than the Navara. One that matches the various spy shots we have seen already.

More very soon…

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  1. Yesterday i seen a 2019 Nissan Titan in the next lot over from my workplace.
    It was a 4 dr /4×4, all gussied up trim and looked great for such a big brute.
    I think if the new Frontier comes out looking like a mid size Titan, many buyers will be very happy . Can't wait to see what the new Frontier interior will look like…..

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