2021 Nissan Note: the real thing…

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The all-new Nissan Note hatchback already seems to be a very nice looking little hatchback.
Since the Note was discontinued in the US a couple of years ago, the new generation is not expected to make it over here. Which is too bad. It is getting Nissan’s e-Power system which will probably result in amazing gas mileage figures. A perfect alternative to regular hybrids and a nice bridge to a full EV.
More pictures of the new Note very soon.


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  1. we will see this up here in canada for sure. with car sales down to 20% of all vehicles sold (everything is either a pickup or suv), no one is buying the altima or sentra, and no one will buy the versa sedan which just came out. Nissan is still selling the micra over here, although it is a 2019 model. The versa note was a big seller here, and no versa sedan has been offered for years. Canadians love hatchbacks. Not sure why in the DSA (divided states of america) you don't like hatchbacks. an suv is just a raised hatchback!

  2. I have many friends who have hatchbacks here and they love them. I think manufacturers are pushing this idea of Amercans not liking hatchbacks so they can sell "bigger profit margin" SUVs here. They basically replaced the $15 600 Note with the $19 000 Kicks in the US. Even if hatchbacks do not sell as much as small SUVs, I really think they still have a place here too.

  3. true enough. The kicks and qashqai (rogue sport in the usa) sell very well here and they are more expensive than the note and sentra. Sentra has never been a great seller in canada. Canada has the accent hatch, the nissan micra and note, yaris hatch (mazda2 derivative), rio hatch, which aren't available in the usa. small cars are quite popular in canada, especialy in the province of quebec.

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