2022 Ford Focus: the facelift…

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It looks like the “regular” Ford Focus is getting the same revisions we just saw for the “Active” version.
(New car in white)
Again, the main change outside is upfront. While there seems to be nothing new to the rear of the car.
Same story inside. Where it is getting a revised dashboard with a larger screen. That screen sits a bit lower and seems better integrated than before. (slightly…)
Since we don’t have the Focus in the US anymore, we should see this interior in an upcoming revision to our Ford Escape.

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  1. Seems that Ford has also caught a case of the “big-grille virus.” As with all of these grilles, the bigger they are, the more apparent the cheap black and plastichrome finishes are… especially as they get dirty and age. It’ll be nice when this dumpy trend passes.

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