2022 Genesis G90: new pictures…

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Just a few more pictures of this Genesis G90 prototype driving around. It seems to be the same one we have seen before. 
It looks like Genesis is going for a little bit more personality with the next generation. The current one is alrady pretty classy and expensive-looking (although that Superman grille can also look pretty cartoony…)
But it also looks very old fashion.
The next generation will, at least, look a bit more modern.
Life will also be tougher for the big Genesis. With an all-new super high tech Mercedes S-class being already out. And a new generation BMW around the corner.

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  1. This is shaping up to be much more attractive than it's predecessor. Won't be much longer, Genesis is going to have a firm hold on the premium luxury market place. Mark my words.

  2. I'm loving everything EXCEPT for that unnecessary rear window sill. Wtf if that, that doesn't look luxurious at all! I've tried to get used to it but every time we see new pictures of this car, I am annoyed by the sight of it…

  3. Seems more like a work on the beltline than a complete new car. It still rides on the same platform, maybe with modification for hybrid technology, like they did with the Santa Fe.

  4. If Rosko97 is talking about the awkward rear door window and the black plastic C-pillar insert then I totally agree.. completely inelegant solution to whatever they were trying to accomplish, especially with the oddly sloped and shortened rear deck. The current model is far from perfect or modern, but this new version will look dated really quick.

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