2022 Honda Civic hatchback: looking good…

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While the regular 2022 Honda Civic sedan design might not be a step forward for many, the new hatchback version will be quite an improvement over the current super busy (gross) design.
And will probably look much nicer than the sedan. While retaining the more upscale look and feel of the next generation.
I am actually very curious about this. And how it will turn out. Also glad to see Honda keeping the hatchback verison in the US. 

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  1. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. I really like small hatchbacks, but by the time I'm ready to replace my car in a few years this, the Corolla, the Impreza, and the horribly claustrophobic Mazda 3 hatch may be all I left to choose from here in the US.

    I really, really wish Honda had seen fit to bring the new Fit over to our shores…

  2. Sadly, this looks like yet another A7 rip-off four door fastback. Vince will be happy since unlike many others it’s actually a hatchback, but I’m bummed that it’s not a sportier and far more useful Golf style box. From the “floating” roof to the fake side vent to the mega-grille, the level of copy-cat-ism in auto design is just so disappointing.

  3. I thought Honda had already stated the Si would only be offered in Sedan form. More than likely in order to keep it from stepping on the Type R's toes. I agree though, the hatch may be the looker in the lineup. It's predecessor was the model I liked the least. Loving those wheels by the way.

  4. I think this looks good and is the right move for Honda – conservative civic sedan with the hatch being the sportier coupe-like sedan, the latter feeling similar to the A5.

    Seems to be an affordable way to get into this type of product, and very reliable. My gut tells me this should do very well.

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