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Interesting video about the design process of the next-generation Honda Civic. As well as a little bit of the general history of previous Civic generations.
But warning! This video contains a lot of PR BS. Basically describing this car as the second coming. Even though its design will probably go down in history as one of the least interesting Civic. Seeing the early generations really shows how Honda used to care and wanted to be different and modern.
The 2022 design is the exact opposite. Being an almost straight copy of the current Accord (which came out back in September 2017!)
It might look fine, but there is nothing new about it…
At the same time, I still have hope for the hatchback. Which, to me, will look a bit like an Audi A5. And also reminiscent of early Honda designs. 

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  1. Maybe Honda should market the hatchback as the Civic Fastback as it’s design appears to look sportier and more youthful than the hopelessly geriatric looking sedan. While the next gen sedan’s design is a huge disappointment compared to the current gen sedan, this new gen hatchback design seems to successfully address everything that is wrong with the current gen hatchback.

  2. It’s boring but at least its not 2012 boring. Looking forward to the hatch. I how the Sport, Si, and Type-R versions look a bit more lucky that this Jetta/Accord combo.

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