2022 Honda Civic: Vs. other Hondas

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You would think a smaller car targetting a younger demographic would look more modern or daring than the larger mid-sized model. But I really think the new 2022 Honda Civic sedan looks like a super boring version of the current Accord.
They didn’t just copy it, they diluted the design and personality a lot. (The Accord almost looks futuristic next to the 2022 Civic)
And, even though the current Civic sedan looks a bit busy when compared to the next one, I still like it. At least they tried. Which is more than can be said about the 2022 model.
Again, I am really not sure this is a step forward. Many people have mentioned before about Honda doing this on a regular basis with the Civic. One very modern version followed by a copy/more boring next generation. Over and over.
Which is really, really weird, and they are, somehow, still doing it! Is it some weird strict tradition they have to follow?

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  1. It's almost like they generally know how to keep selling Civics more than you do. 18 million units and counting; I think they know what to do.

  2. Vince – if you look through Honda's history with the civic, they continually alternate between dynamic design and conservative – just like fashion designers, they don't follow the trends, they dictate them.

  3. Reminds me of the 8th to 9 gen Civic, it went from a standout to being as stylish as a stick of butter

  4. I have to agree with you, that this new Civic looks way too close to the current Accord. I happen to think both are beautiful, clean designs, but there is very little to tell the difference between them. This is the problem I have had with Tesla, too. I think you can have a family identity without exact mimicry. I also think that the new sedan and hatchback are way too close in silhouette.

    The new interior will be very refreshing, and not boring, I think.

  5. The one thing alone that could have completely changed this dynamic is the windshield rake. The current generation Civic has a much steeper rake to the front windshield and that commonality extends to every reasonably modern looking vehicle available in today's market.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. The next gen Civic sedan is an extremely dull design with very awkward proportions. It looks like an old person’s car. I can’t imagine that it will come anywhere near matching the success of the current generation sedan. I don’t think younger, first time buyers would want to purchase a vehicle that looks like something that their grandparents would drive. I think Honda could have created a more mature next gen design for the sedan without making it look so hopelessly geriatric. Mazda was definitely able to successfully pull this off with the current gen Mazda3 sedan, which looks very sexy, yet upscale. I don’t see why Honda couldn’t have done the same thing with the next gen Civic sedan. Honda was actually able to accomplish this feat with the current gen Insight hybrid sedan, so I know Honda possesses the ability to create mature designs that don’t appear as though they’re targeted towards retirement community customers.

    I used to think that the VW Jetta, Kia Forte, and Toyota Corolla were all too dull and conservative for the segment, but they all look more youthful and progressive than this unfortunate looking next gen Civic sedan.

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