2022 Hyundai Tucson N-Line: teasers…

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Hyundai released these teaser shots of the N-Line version of the all-new Tucson Crossover.
This will be the sportiest version of the new Tucson.
The powertrain is rumored to be the new 2.5 Liter Turbo with 290HP, used in a few other Hyundai/Kia products.
This will be some serious power for a ‘comapct’ SUV. Something the competition form the Rogue, RAV-4 and CR-V doesn’t offer.

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  1. Don't forget about the Rav4 Prime Vince. More combined hp than this Tuscon. The teasers do look quite upscale though. Just really not liking the wheels Hyundai has been using lately for their top trim level suvs. Kona, Tuscon, Santa Fe, and Palisade.

  2. I'd really like it if they'd blacked out the roof, pillars, side mirrors and rims. Hate that one sided dual exhaust though.

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