2022 Kia Sportage: new illustrations…

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There has been a few crazy looking illustrations of the upcoming 2022 Kia Sportage before. But these seem to match closely the latest spy shots we have seen.
Which is too bad. As it ends up looking like a very generic design with a super weird front end. That front end is actually offensive…
Otherwise, it could be something from anyone. Even GM.
A boring design with weirdo details isn’t a great recipe for a nice looking car. Let’s hope this is off. Maybe the real thing looks a bit better and more original.

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  1. Saw the new Sorrento in person and there are just too many lines and creases. This new Sportage looks elegant and pretty normal from every angle except for the front, which is hideous and totally does not fit in with the rest of the car.

    I think Kia is going too far with the front end designs and are creating very polarizing products. The Hyundai Tucson on the other hand is much more cohesive and fitting.

  2. The Tucson has too many creases too. We cannot have it all with sub $30s vehicles. This one I like. Simple and cute.

  3. the rear end looks like a seat ibiza and the profile reminds me the previous generation of the buick encore

  4. Vince:
    How is it Kia/Hyundai is able to introduce a "New" model every other Week?
    Don't you ever wonder?

    Vince you are a real person right?

  5. That front end is truly hideous! Hopefully, all these illustrations that keep popping up have it all wrong!

    I think the rest of the vehicle is quite attractive. Of course, it may not end up looking like this since these are just illustrations.

  6. The side has a family connection with the European B SUV the Stonic with the rising helpline, but the front has a mixture of Seltos and K5. Without the LED thunderbolt it might look better and link with Seltos and Sorrento. Or it needs to have slimmer horizontal lights to link with K5. Not both.

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