2022/23 Honda CR-V: weirdest illustration ever…

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Let’s hope this is just a fantasy. And not based on any inside info about the next-generation Honda CR-V.

Since we have seen most of the next HR-V already, we know Honda is going for a new, more angular design language. But this would be pretty bad.

The squared-off rear end is actually an interesting idea. This reminds me of the Mitsubishi Delica. Which is actually a small van. And the front end of the illustration is much cleaner than Honda’s current designs. (which is not hard to do) But the whole thing isn’t cohesive at all. 

This is ery early to guess the next CR-V. I am sure we will be seeing many more of these soon…

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  1. The new CR-V is supposed to be based on the Honda Breeze. This looks nothing like the Breeze. The Breeze is basically a CR-V with rounded edges and a bit larger. This makes sense for the direction Honda is going. The front end of the Breeze is also similar to the front end of the HR-V from pics that I have seen.

  2. This illustration was created by Bestcar this isn’t anything official. The article was about possible future electric models based on the GM electric vehicle platform.

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