2022/23 Mazda CX-50: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations for the upcoming Mazda CX-50 look like a complete guess.
A design like this would be a complete departure from their current design language. And I have not heard it would be the case.
All we know so far is that it will replace the current CX-5. And will be based on Mazda’s all-new RWD platform. It will share its platform with the next-generation Mazda 6 sedan.
It will also get the all-new Inline 6 cylinder engine as an option.
The base engine is still supposed to be a version o the current 2.5 Liter. Some reports mention the availablilty of the 2.5 Liter Turbo as well. Between the base engine and the new 6 cylinders.
While others claim the turbo 4 will just be replaced by the new 6.
There is also mention of a more “coupe-like” design. Which these illustrations do not show.
I think these are basically all wrong… There is still hope. So far, Mazda has done really well, designing really good looking cars and SUV’s…

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  1. Gross. I really hope not. Either way, does this mean the CX-50 becomes a midsizer on that platform?

  2. I like it, looks a bit more aggressive then current.
    An inline6 could be interesting , something reliable and strong with low down torque.
    I have never owned a turbo engined vehicle and altho the turbo technology has greatly improved, i would rather stay away from turbos and stick with non complicated, easy-low cost maintenance engines sans turbos/superchargers . Maybe Mazda has some new smart inline 6 engine that will put a smile on driver's faces and wallets.

  3. Mazda has done well in styling their recent vehicles, but they aren't infallible. The recent MX-30 EV is proof of that.

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