2022/23 Vw I.D6: new photos…

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The upcoming VW I.D6 (could also be called I.D7…) is a new model above the current I.D4. 
Based on last year’s I.D Roomzz concept.
The production model actually looks more like a raised wagon than an SUV. Which is fine.

While the exterior does look similar, the interior of the production model looks nothing like the concept (above)
It will probably end up looking close to the I.D4 inside. You know, to “save cost”…

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  1. The ID.6 might end up like the Mazda CX-9; a model that's slightly bigger from their main seller (ID.4) but in low numbers. If model wagon is intended to go after the Subaru Outback market, make it a bit more butch and less soft. Luxury station wagons don't really sell in the US.

  2. I wonder where this puts the ID.Buzz in the lineup. Interesting how they plan to sell this as a Passat replacement.

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