2023 Subaru Crosstrek: keeping things similar…

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 The Crosstrek has been a big hit for Subaru. With over 144 000 of them sold in 2018. And a bit less in 2019 (131 152).

The current generation Subaru Outback came out in late 2017 in the US. And, as you can see, Subaru is close to having the next generation ready. (Although it is still about a year and a half away.)

Of course, we don’t know much yet. All I hear is that it (And the Impreza) will be based on an evolution of the current platform. And the car you see above was one of 3 proposals at the time the picture was taken. So the actual thing might be a bit different. 

Not sure about powertrains, but the larger 2.5 Liter newly available for 2021 could become the standard engine in the next generation. 

Although by 2023, Subaru will really need to offer a more serious electrification option. The current $35 000 “hybrid” version with its 17 miles of EV range is quite ridiculous. (The cargo area is also seriously shrunken on the hybrid)

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  1. That's clearlyt not an actual picture. It's a photoshop, with a number of parts coming from the Outback. If you look closely at the wheels (from the Outback), they are out of line with the tires and clearly pasted on. Not to mention the black wheel arches don't match etc.

  2. i kinda like the Crosstreks. Briefly driven some crosstreks / worked on them ( as an autoglass technician) and they drive nice enough, seem to be put together fine and all the customers that own one never bad mouth or complain .
    The new 2.5 engine upgrade sounds like an excellent option. I'm a bit leery of cvt transmissions tho , some seem to be long term reliable in a variety of manufacturers, others not so good.
    Subaru should just be like Mazda and stick with a traditional six speed auto transmission.

  3. I actually like that. Since the Impreza is on my radar for my next car, I wouldn’t mind at all if it looked something like that. It’s a nice clean design that will age well, unlike some of the stuff coming out or Korea and Japan these days.

  4. The Crosstrek has the 2.5, not the 2.4. The Crosstrek came out in '17 with a '18 MY, the Outback came out in '19 as a '20 MY

  5. I love my 2018 Crosstrek (mid level trim). No issues. I can drive from LA to Monterey Bay on 3/4 tank going 60-80 mph. Cargo area is great for road trips. Fits a full length 2x4x8 with truck closed. My cons are there is no place to tie rope down like on other SUV or cars using the trunk lock ring, doors don't lock automatically when you start to drive off, and the engine doesn't have the power when racing up an on ramp to merge into traffic. Looking forward to trading it in for the 2021.

  6. Looks like the Outback Sport finally caught on. What I don’t understand is the difference between this and the regular Impreza hatch aside from extra gray plastic cladding and a different name badge.

  7. What is possibly the reason for you not approving my comment confirming that this is a photoshop of the Levorg and not a real picture?

  8. I have a 2018 crosstrek limited with 12000 i rarely drive it and I am really disappointed will never buy one again i hate it not happy with it low power ac compressor went out smells like antifreeze and I bought brand new never again

  9. I have a,2018 Impreza 5 door. I bought it as,a ar to use,as a daily driver. I'm retired. 2.0 is fine for wgat I use the car. If I were to get a crosstrek, I definately would opt for the 2.5. To solve that problem for me, is I also have a,2020 Forester. I bought the premium model. Both cars have been excellant. I like the subarus, because they one standsrd,with AWD.

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