All-new Hyundai Mistranslating: new sedan for China

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Hyundai will be introducing yet another sedan for the Chinese market. The new Mistra. 
Which seems quite conservative. Almost looking like a small Genesis G90 from some angles. With rear lights a little bit similar to the current Sonata and a grille from the previous one.
Interestingly enough, they will also introduce a full-electric version of the car (bottom pic)

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  1. Quite conservative, but still looks more modern than the 2022 Civic. I actually like it more than the new Elantra.

  2. It's actually the Second Generation, of a car which looked before more like a smalled down Sonata, so it's not all new, but nice cover, specially fond into the wordplay, I really like what you did with "Mistra" as Mistranslating, as a reference as from chinese we don't know always the exact translation …

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