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It looks like BMW is having a hard time dealing with the onslaught of criticism of their new iX EV.

They are now using some of the comments they got on their Twiter account in their own advertizing. Insulting critics with “OK Boomers” remarks.

I have actually never heard of a car company officially insulting their critics. And using these as advertising! This is quite amazing. 

The iX is a design mess, inside and out. While I do like the i3, this new “SUV” looks like a bunch of 12-year-olds got together to “draw a car”. The interior looks like a kit car from China. 10 years ago.

 “Ugly”, “Vulgar” and “Disjointed” is not similar to “Change”.

BMW is, of course, not famous for recognizing their design mistakes. But I really think this is just going to far. And actually makes them look like obnoxious morons.

HERE is more comments on their Twiter acoount.

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  1. I'm probably missing the joke here, but Boomer's are 60% of BMW's customers so dissing their sophistication, or their lack thereof won't get them very far.

  2. But also it's not THAT insulting. If you like the car, this won't stop you from getting it or another BMW. If you don't like it, well no harm done.

  3. Actually find it funny, and I bet most reading it will feel the same way. At either rate, you are talking about it so it worked.

  4. I'm with Vince on this one. Neither funny nor clever, "And what's your reason not to change?" just sounds awkward. I doubt it was written by a native English speaker.

  5. Well, John Mendell at Honda used to make the news in a regular basic about 10yrs ago as the company began trying to move upmarket with Tier 1 aspirations. He wasn't very kind, suggesting fan buys, tuners, etc.. were undesirables.

  6. It’s almost like a German automotive brand probably has a lot of staff who aren’t native English speakers

  7. Then I guess you’re a boomer, because “ok, boomer” has become a very popular response to that generation online.

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