Kia K7: New logo…

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The new K7 sedan will (finally) be introducing the all-new Kia logo. We have seen it a while ago, but not on a production model yet.
The K7 sedan will replace the good old Cadenza (also known by many of us as the “Costanza” in our market)
Not sure yet if the K7 will actually make it to the US, but the logo will. Eventually.

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  1. Ok.

    I literally know of no one who calls it the Costanza. No one even knows that this car exists!

  2. The Cadenza isn't a bad car, it offers alot for the money. The fact that it was such a dud in the sales department makes it an incredible preowned bargain. George will always and forever be the only Costanza I know. The Cadenza is certainly not that.

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