Mystery Hyundai SUV: how small can they go?

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This looks really tiny. Making the Venue look big…

This is probably not for the US market. Maybe not even Europe.

It looks more like something for South America or India. And these are huge markets for Hyundai. So far, it actually looks quite interesting. Like a little cube.

Speaking of the Venue, I have not even seen one on the road yet. I know sales have been terrible for everyone in 2020, but Hyundai has sold only 11 900 units of it this year so far. Which is about 5 times less than the Nissan Kicks. 

Obviously, the US market would not be interested in something even smaller…

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  1. The Bayon is a completely different model for Europe.
    You can see the Bayon spy shot on the link you posted.

  2. Maybe this is a hatchback anyway, and they're fooling us "it's a crossover, with its crossover looks", but no. IT ISN'T. If they can surprise us making it different, fine, but it isn't an SUV. It looks like so, but is just a high riding hatchback. Don't let yourself be fooled. Anyway, other than that, I love how it looks, it looks reaally small car, small cars fan here, maybe an i10 sibling? I don't know, I hate the crossover category, but love some individuals (models) …

  3. The problem with the Venue is that it's just plain ugly. It looks like a 3rd world design. The Kicks is not gorgeous, but compared to the Venue it's a beauty.

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