Nissan Note: new generation around the corner…

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The Nissan Note hatchback is getting a totally new design very soon.
And it basically looks (at least from that angle) like a small Nissan Ariya.
Which is not a bad thing. That front end design looks rather nice on a small hatchback car.
I just wonder it the look will spread to more Nissna cars. If this would work on the Altima or Sentra?
Or especially the Note’s cousin, the Versa sedan.

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  1. I actually like it. It is a cleaner overall design language. Nothing ground breaking, but perfectly acceptable in the segment.

  2. Is the new generation going to be an EV? Looks like it could potentially be, based on the grille.

  3. Vince, just ahead's up. The first letter after the colon in your titles must be capitalized.

    incorrect: Nissan Note: new generation around the corner…
    Correct: Nissan Note: New generation around the corner…

  4. It's starting to become clear just how much Ghosn was holding Nissan back, for his own personal aspirations of living in France and dictating Nissan's future from Renault. Oops, miscalculation!

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