2022 BMW 7 series: new illustration…

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This new illustration, unfortunately, looks pretty realistic when compared to recent spy shots of the next-generation BMW 7 series. (Although you can tell there is some heavy camouflage going on by the C-pillar.
Which could end up very different from that illustration.)
Otherwise, you can already tell the grille will be larger than ever. Of course.
I am not sure why, but BMW seems obsessed with adding huge tacky grilles to most of their recent designs.
Which is such an old/vulgar way to convey the idea of “luxury”. These cars start looking like models from some Chinese start-up company…
(Thanks to a reader for sending me the illustration)


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  1. That's a good looking illustration. It's a big car, it's expensive. In that color the grill seems to fit. Might not look so good in other colors. I think the rim size is stupid, but the cool kids like it.

  2. "These cars start looking like models from some Chinese start-up company…"

    We are at the point where cars are being designed for the China market first, and then adapted to the rest of the world. I'm guessing that the Chinese like these large grills.

  3. That actually looks great, not going to lie. Let's all hope BMW has this idea in their head, because the spy shots look less than encouraging.

  4. the illustration looks distinctive, the new look for the BMW flagship. The large grille actually works with this design, think of it as a Rolls Royce or Mercedes grille… they all have fairly large grills. In this illustration, the wheels are way too big, more reasonable in the spy shot.

    By the way… what the heck happened to actual bumpers??? Not looking for a return to 1970s American car chrome bumpers but most new cars seem to lack ANY sort of protection in the front/rear where a minor parking lot mishap could result in an expensive repair bill.

  5. Excuse me while I go vomit. I can’t believe they are pulling the split light treatment trend along with the rest of the grill vulgarity happening here.

  6. Excuse me while I go vomit. I can’t believe they too are following the split light treatment here. This just adds to the vulgarity brought upon us by this exaggerated grill.

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