2022 BMW 7 series: new illustration…

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The spy shots of the next generation are already pretty scary. But every illustration I have seen of it, trying to guess the real thing, is even worse.

It basically looks like BMW will just be catering to the chrome loving Chinese market from now on. Which is sad. The subtle luxury look has been gone for years. It dates back when Europe was their main market. Then the US. Where it was targeted as a more subtle, classier type of luxury car. Compared to the old fashion American offerings.

Now it seems they just gave up on all these to target the huge Chinese market. Where “big and chromy” seems to rule.

Weird, since their subtle and classy approach (“import” looking) was probably what made them popular over there in the first place…

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  1. Unfortunately, that grille is smaller than, and therefore an improvement over, the messy gargantuan current one.. but the headlight treatment is ridiculous. Also, I'm pretty sure the traditional Hofmeister kink shown here will be deformed, just as they have on the 3-series.

  2. While the automotive world has moved on with new designs, BMW and Mercedes are stuck in the same language with minor dialects along the way. Is yawn too much for this one?

  3. Have to agree with Vince Burlapp that BMW’s current styling language speaks strongly to Chinese partialities. Sadly, the stylistic simplicity that set Bavaria’s best apart is long gone.

  4. If new BMW’s drove like old BMW’s their current abysmal styling would be a real problem. Happily, BMW solved this by making their new cars not only ugly but boring to drive.

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