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Besides the cheezy “mood lighting” in the first photo, this is a pretty great interior. At least on these pictures. And quite original too.
The GV70 will be available with the same engines as the larger GV80. Which means a 2.5 Liter Turbo or a  3.5 Liter Turbo V6. RWD or AWD.
The Japanese competition from Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura is only available with 4 cylinder engines. They do not offer a V6 option. They are also all FWD based.
These all start at around $37 000/$38 000. If Genesis can price the new GV70 right below they could have a winner. Their larger GV80 is actually about $4000 more than the similar size Lexus RX (with a standard V6). Which is quite pricey for a new brand.
(The GV70 should really start under $40 000 )
We will hear more about the new Genesis SUV. And especially see a lot more, since this will without a doubt become the company’s best-seller very quickly.

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  1. The interior is designed well, with the exception of the steering wheel in non sport trims. Fortunately the sport trim has a proper and sporty 3 spoke design.

  2. Compare this interior to the new Acura MDX. Just looking at the multi-level, complicated dash on the MDX stresses me out.

  3. Love the interior, can't wait to see this in real life! Wonder what the compartment in front of the cupholders is for… phone holder? USB?

    And it's great to see different colors for the interiors, black, grey and cream are so boring! Love the eggplant version.

    Don't mind the 2 spoke wheel vs the sports version. I think it's quite unique and, based on my experience with Genesis, will likely be very high quality.

    Hoping this will be a big time hit for Genesis! Add the concierge service and the warranty, no one even comes close to this combination of style, value, warranty.

  4. one of the best new interiors in the last ten years, hands down. and – they did it in their most important model. very spiffy, very snazzy, very upscale, very appealing. pricing and image are the battles now. Also, lots of shoppers open to changing brands are likely looking at Model Y. But this car is horrible news for Lincoln, Cadillac XT5, Acura RDX, Volvo XC60 and all the second-tier premium brands.

  5. The interior design is stunning! Minimalistic and yet luxurious. My favorite part is the vent that wraps around the entire front.

  6. Adrian – yes the compartment in front of the cupholders has two USB ports and a wireless charging pad that allows the phone to sit vertically.

    Apparently there are 5 interior color themes total.

    BTW – got all of this from a walkaround video shot in S. Korea after the car was unveiled fully earlier this week.

  7. Rumor has it that the next Apple Iphone may have to be wirelessly recharged with no wired option at all. Expect to see charging pads because standard in cars.

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