2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: close to the concept…

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So far it seems Hyundai has done a good job in translating the concept we saw in 2019. (bottom picture)

The new EV should be really interesting. With a predicted 300 miles range, its design is reminiscent of Hyundai’s early 1980’s models (Designed by Giugiaro). Which is great.

It also won’t look like an SUV (Even if they decide to market it like one for some reason) 

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  1. I currently have an OPEN order for a Tesla Model 3 SR+. I ordered the car in November and then put the order on hold for the 6 months they allow to give myself time and see if Biden re-instates the $7500 federal rebate on Teslas. I currently own an Ioniq Plug In Hybrid and have to say that it is such a great little car and the quality of it has seriously impressed me, especially the way it held up for 40k miles ROUGH commuting in and out of Brooklyn. I routinely beat the all electric estimates and I get anywhere from 4.2 miles/KWH to 5.3 miles/KWH in it on electric which is pretty great. I have to say, if Hyundai can come in between $40k and $45k on the Ioniq 5 and offer the Audi-esque styling I think it's going to have, similar or better efficiency than my Ioniq and the same quality that my Ioniq has shown I will cancel my Model 3 order and eat the $100 deposit. Come on Hyundai, show us the goods and take my MONEY!

  2. I know it’ll look better without the camouflage, but with it, the design screams early 90s hatchback and a step back from the current Ionic. I can definitely see that the Genesis version will have a much more refined shape, as it should.

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