2022 Kia Forte: a few changes…

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Not a new design. But there will be a few “mid-cycle” changes to the Kia Forte for 2022.
It is hard to see anything but revised taillights and bumper in the spy shot above.
IMO, the current Forte is a much more conservative design than the previous generation. It has become a very generic looking sedan. Maybe new lights will help? Who knows…


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  1. I actually like the current Forte quite a bit, at least the GT with the manual anyway. I think the VW Jetta is way more conservative than the Forte is.

  2. I initially felt this generation was a boring design, but it totally grew on me. It’s very classy and it’ll age well. The design looks very German to me until you get to the front (which still looks good). It looks more like what the Jetta should look like from that angle. I would be stuck between this and the current Mazda 3 if I were in the market for a compact sedan.

  3. Just think about how much better looking this car would be without those fake vent triangles in the rear bumper. So many cars have them now, they serve no purpose, are hard to clean, and just make the car look ugly.

  4. Kia is becoming more premium with every generation of new car. Maybe making this more of a sports saloon, like the BMW 2GT or Merc CLA.

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