2022 Mercedes EQS: next to the concept…

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These new spy shots of the 2022 Mercedes EQS EV are the best I have seen yet. Showing us most of the car’s profile. (And all windows!)

Mercedes did stay pretty close to the concept. Although the proportions are, of course, different. But the production car still looks really good so far.

We are scheduled to see the new infotainment system on January 7th. Which gives us a glimpse of the interior. Mercedes claims 435 miles of range in European testings. Which would probably still mean above 350 miles in the US (EPA)

This finally looks like a true Tesla Model S and Lucid Air competitor. Although, being a Mercedes, the price could be much higher than the $69 500 starting price of the big Tesla…

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  1. I think the Lucid Air is a more attractive shape, but that's because i'm so done with Gorden Wagener's "sensual purity" design language (stupid name, i know). But i just don't trust a startup to make better cars than Mercedes, the oldest name in the business. Heck, Tesla is the most valuable brand in the world and their cars are still assembled with all the love and care Boeing developed their 737 MAX. Overall, if i had the money i'd just get a Taycan and call it a day.

  2. Of the three people who owned S-Classes on my block, two traded them for Tesla Model S’s, and one for a Model X. I traded my Range Rover for a Model X. Most european luxury cars are crammed full of meaningless trinkets to get us to part with our money. Today european cars are less about engineering and more about disco lighting and scent canisters. Under all the Spencer’s Gifts-level of smoke and mirrors, they are based on the same farm tractor technology as a Hyundai or Ford. Tesla came along and offered a car that isn’t as opulent, but offers a kind of luxury that Mercedes couldn’t. Land Rover was so awful that they they lost me forever, but it’ll be interesting to see if the EQS can get buyers back. And what the upcoming revised Model S will be.

  3. "I traded my Range Rover for a Model X"

    So, you traded a very unreliable car for one that is even more unreliable, and with a cheap interior. Remarkable.

  4. The concept has a completely different, but still recognizable, Mercedes feel to it.. but the production model seems to have lost a lot in translation. Clearly pillars and door handles will disrupt the organic shape of the concept, but the longer, flatter hood and almost complete deletion of the trunk lid makes it appear more akin to an Arteon than an S-Class. A curvier front fender and thicker C-pillar (eliminating the extra window) might have done more to make it appear premium.

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