2022 Mini Cooper prototype: next to the current model… more pix…

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Every time a new generation Mini comes out, it almost looks the same as the previous one.
Until you compare them.
As you can see from the spy shot above, the next generation actually looks quite different. The hood opening is much more conventional. Which is really weird. I wonder why Mini would abandon such a unique feature. 

We have seen the rear angle before. Again, the shape of the hatch is all new. With a larger opening that seems to include the taillights. And the C-pillar looks to be hidden by the rear side window.

From this profile angle, you can see a very different windshield angle. the mirrors look very bulky.
At the same time, the hood cut seems to be similar to the current model. Unlike what we see in the first photo.
This could also be a new model specific to the Chinese market. Although the current, 3rd generation Mini came out in 2013! So it wouldn’t be that crazy to expect a new one soon…


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  1. It could also be the production version of the Rocketman concept, as some rumors said Mini was co-developing a smaller car with a chinese company, and these spy photos are clearly from China. The big headlamps make it look like a smaller car than the current Mini. Either way, still a shockingly competent design for modern BMW group standards.

  2. Those hood lines are tape. The true hood line can be seen on the side view, which looks similar to the current styling.

  3. The hood shutline in the first photo is just part of the camo. The next Mini will still have a clamshell hood.

  4. Weight. Stamping die costs. Better shut lines. All kinds of reasons.

    Smaller hood means less weight and the hinges that go with it.
    The Stamping die has to stamp more of a flat piece. Cheaper/easier to stamp.
    Because the hood is conventional may be easier to get a consistent gap without tweaking it on the line.

    Easy of repair. You ding the fender area, you probably are replacing the hood as opposed to replacing the fender. Might lower insurance costs a tiny bit.

    Most are not going to notice and if told will just shrug their shoulders.

    I had a Saab 99 a loooooong time ago. That hood was a big piece of steel for a fairly modest size car. And the hood ended above the wheel well and not around it.

  5. I think the front end will be similar to the MINI Vision Urbanute concept. It looks why like the headlights will be flush. The concept also has an integrated light bar.

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