2022 Mitsubishi Outlander: 1st teaser…

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Just a couple of days after we saw the whole thing, Mitsubishi has released their first official teaser for the all-new 2020 Outlander.
Kind of too late since we know what the whole thing looks like…
And it probably won’t be a crowd-pleaser. more like an acquired taste. that blunt look and heavy-handed front end design aren’t for everyone. I guess it is one way to stand out in a crowd. Like wearing a tall hat in a movie theater.
One way the new Outlander could stand out is if it was a Hybrid only SUV. Like the Toyota Venza. Or even better, a Plug-in Hybrid. Since Mitsubishi has been pushing that technology for a while.
What do you think? This will go straight against the CR-V/RAV-4 crowd. Will this be enough to put them back on the map?

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  1. i don't mind the front end look ( bottom photo.)
    It has a more aggressive/blocky/truck look that the Japanese suv makers are currently favoring versus slippery , non offensive generic blob . With the right paint colors, led lighting and tasteful use of trim it could turn out to be a very nice suv.

  2. The car is beautiful The new Mitsubishi Outlander Mk4 is a pity that the ones from Mitsubishi Japan are stubborn to import the car on the Old Continent (European Market) anyway the ones from Mitsubishi Europe will have to suffer if they are still stubborn to import the New Generation
    (Fourth Generation): '' In Europe Sin. R. I.P Mitsubishi Outlander Mk4 in Europe 😭😭😢😢

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