2022 Mitsubishi Outlander: new illustration…

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 This actually looks very realistic. And very close to spy shos we have already seen of the new 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander.

And again, thisis not something for everyone. That design is almost disturbing. Over past decades, Japanese manufacturers have always gone into the “weird/overdone’ zone” when criticized for being boring. 

This new Outlander seems to be a perfect illustration. Unless this is a fantastic car to drive, I predict trouble for the next Outlander. This needs to be a hybrid only. Or even better, a plug-in hybrid. Or super cheap. Something different. 

Something to stand out besides just being weird and overdone…

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  1. Is the build quality of Mitsubishi vehicles still crap? I see so few of them on the road, I thought they stopped selling them in the US.

  2. Never underestimate the poor taste of americans, Vince. This thing will probably be a hit for them. Don't forget Toyota sold almost 500.000 RAV4s in the US alone last year.

  3. Looks very attractive to me. I hope it still has the V6 option, but with more hp/torque and better mpg. And a more interesting, eye catching interior- dashboard design….something such as the new nissan rogue.
    — By the way, not sure why the hate on mitsubishi products.They seem to be as reliable and put together as any of the leading Japanese brands. I have a friend with a 2019 & 2007 mitsu outlander plus a then new 2014 RVR( outlander Sport in the usa…). My neighbor also owns a 2018 outlander & a 2007 outlander. All very reliable with content ownership. My customers ( auto-glass replacement shop) thru the years have never complained about their Mitsus when asked about their ownership experiences.
    — They seem to be your average Japanese brand with no real outstanding defects , unless one wants to cherry pick and find fault . All automakers have some issues…..

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