2022 Toyota Land Cruiser: could be…

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I am being told this is a prototype of the next-generation Toyota Land Cruiser.

Under all that camouflage, it could really be anything. If it is a Toyota, it could also be the next 4 Runner.

Both the Land Cruiser and 4 Runner and long overdue for redesigns. The current-generation Land Cruiser came out in 2007! And the current 4 Runner in 2009. 

What do you think? Is the next Land Cruiser, or the next 4 Runner?

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  1. Thank god its not! Vince- keep an eagle eye out for both the LC and 4R..this reader is very curious to see how they evolve.

  2. Tbh., I think it has way too little ground clearance for a Land Cruiser, looks more SUVish than like a proper Off Roader (Which is a key part of the LC);

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