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I have to admit, I have never been a huge fan of these things. I am sure they are great at what they are supposed to do. But the current generation is so old and expensive. And I don’t mean “old” in a “cool and retro” type of thing. Just plain old. As it came out back in late 2007. 
By “expensive” I mean “over $85 000 to start” expensive. 
Sure, it’s still a few thousand less than a Range Rover. But it also looks like a mess. And again, it came out in 2007…
Apparently, a new one might finally come out next year. And from these illustrations, it still won’t look as expensive as it is.
Since the current generation has been around so long, there are quite a few used ones available for much less. And since they are also super reliable, why get a new one???
(Just saw a 2014 model for $43 000 on CarGurus)

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  1. I think from dealer meetings, the next one is supposed to come down in price by half of what it is currently at right now. It's supposed to be a bare-bones off-roader, so maybe it'll be a bigger 4runner. I really don't think current Land Cruiser design themes will carry over to the new one as much as this illustration would like to believe. Toyota is gunning for both Jeep and Ford's new Bronco with the next 4runner and Land Cruiser.

  2. Despite the look of the current generation, I would buy a Landcruiser over any Land Rover if I needed such an offroad capable vehicle. This illustration is an improvement for the smaller grill alone. I am not crazy about squared off wheel arches, but would gladly take them over gigantic and ungainly grill designs.

  3. Vince – I completely respect your opinion on these, but I absolutely love these cars, and want a new one if the rumors are true. Completely understated for a luxury SUV.
    -Coming to the US? Who knows
    -5 Seats option only
    -Stripped down options, much cheaper entry price (LX pushes further upscale)
    -More efficient turbocharged V-6

    We'll see – fingers crossed it looks better than those illustrations!

  4. I think a cheaper "bare-bones off-roader" would be a great idea for the next one. Especially since they have the Lexus brand to sell a more luxurious version.
    They should try to compete with the Defender instead of the Range Rover.

  5. Go drive and LC vs. the Sequoia – you'll see and feel the difference quickly! Photos do not do the quality of the LC justice, even if the LC200 feels outdated, which it is.

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