2022/23 BMW i7: new illustrations…

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If these illustrations are anything close to the real thing, it looks like we’d better get ready for another super ugly BMW design next year.
So far, it seems the new i7 electric sedan will be heavily based on the upcoming 2022 7 series. Just like what Mercedes is doing with many of its new EVs. (Most of them being electric versions of their regular models with a different front end)
The illustrations above show another shocking front end design from BMW. Let’s just hope these are completely wrong…


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  1. Actually, this is more cohesive than i would expect from modern BMW design. I'm starting to feel like mocking BMW design is a bit like beating on a dead horse. It's just an exercise in pointlessness. Hopefully they'll get their shit together so we won't have to do it anymore. Maybe they'll finally fire Adrian van Hooydonk, who knows. A man can dream…

  2. They put hideous wheels on it to make the rest of the car look better.

    Where do they put the batteries on these low-slung electric cars? It doesn't look like there's enough room under the floorboards.

  3. okay…i will be that Lone Wolf weirdo and admit i actually like the front and rear of this new design.
    – There have been many times that Vince and other automotive writers have disliked a spy/ new production photo of a vehicle and later said '' Wow, looks a lot better in the flesh!'' . This may be one of those cars.
    – how much you guys wanna bet the interior will sport a something goofy such as a 92 inch tablet screen, a drive by wire/wifi glovebox and a 12 speed auto transmission joystick that requires a 6 month training course in Frankfurt, Germany in order to figure out how to put it in drive, park and reverse?
    – 🙂

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