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A new generation Lexus RX is supposed to be introduced in a little over a year. 

This will be big news for Lexus since the RX is the best-selling Lexus model. With over 111,000 of them sold last year. It will be facing some tough new competition from the new Genesis GV80. Even though the new Korean Luxury model starts at around $4000 more (The next RX might also go up in price anyway…)

No news yet about the powertrain. The current model is available with a standard 3.5 Liter V6 or a Hybrid (With a V6).

The RX’s cousin, the Toyota Highlander still comes with the V6 standard. But the hybrid is matted to a 2.5 Liter 4 cylinder. Let’s hope Toyota doesn’t transfer this to the Lexus. (As a luxury brand, it would be nice if the hybrid set up could keep a V6). Although, by the 2023 model year, Toyota might just decide to offer the new RX as a Hybrid-only model.

The LWB version is supposed to be longer than the current model to accommodate a more spacious 3rd-row seat.

The future design direction of all new Lexus models is also supposed to adopt simpler lines. Which would be a welcome improvement over some of their crazy looking designs they are offering these days.

What do you think? Would this beat the Genesis GV80? 

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  1. Save the money, buy a Venza, and purchase some incredible aftermarket wheels, and you will achieve 80% of this vehicle.
    The current RX is one of the ugliest crossovers on the road imo. It won't be hard to improve on.

  2. The RX is a fine vehicle. But, will they ever make it handle like it should? That is one area that Lexus has fallen far behind almost everyone else. I wonder whether they know it yet.

  3. This would be a HUGE improvement over the current RX (I think it's the messiest Lexus design). Copy the Genesis GV80 rear window shape for the RX L and that will fly off the shelves like hotcakes too.

    I don't love Lexus but I do understand why they pull the market share they do. Really wish they could clean up the messy design language like this shows (and take the GX/LX back to a traditional, understated boxy design (doubt that will happen).

  4. The Genesis looks so much better and the clean minimalist interiors are world class. The best thing I can say for this Lexus is at least it looks like they are toning down all those weird angle and accent lines and bulges.

  5. The cargo area looks like it could be smaller than the current model considering the slope of the rear. Front Grill still hideous.

  6. My neighbor , an auto-bodyman , has a very nice, super clean 2006 or '07 Lexus RX that i was admiring up close while chit chatting 4 months ago.
    These things can last a long time if you put the effort in regular upkeep and give you many years of relatively low cost reliability while still driving like a modern , new and expensive Japanese suv.
    And they scoot pretty good/fast and still get decent mpg . Pretty much the luxurious version of the rav4 V6.
    3.5L V-6 Engine · 5-spd auto w/OD Transmission · 270 @ 6,200 rpm Horsepower · 251 @ 4,700 rpm Torque

  7. The biggest problem that Lexus faces-is their interiors. Not modern, very outdated and nothing but plastic. Plus, most luxury manufacturers have gone to shift-by-wire, Lexus has not except for the LS?

  8. I have 2 Rxs in my household that were made in japan.
    One is over 435k kilometers and the other is over 230k.
    These things are absolutely long lasting vehicles made to last, as long as the owners maintain them.

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