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The current-generation Mazda 6 has been the darling of automotive reviewers. But not the public.

While Honda still sold over 290 000 Accords last year, the Mazda 6 numbers were below 31 000. Yes, just 31 000… That has to be the least popular of all mid-sized sedans sold in the US.

I drove it myself a few years ago and thought, like most, that it was a great sedan. Mazda seems to be doing the worse job ever at promoting and selling the car.

Still, an all-new generation is due out a little over a year ago. Which is a long time and by 2022, the current model will be 9 years old! 

The new generation will use the same new RWD platform as the upcoming CX-50 SUV. And it will offer the new inline 6 cylinder and AWD as options. Just like the CX-50.

 The 6 sedan has slowly moved upmarket over the years. the current generation’s interior has been revised a couple of years ago with a more upscale feel. 

An even more upscale Mazda 6 with a 6 cylinder option will not only compete with the Accord/Camry crowd but also more luxurious cars like the Acura TLX and Volvo S60. While probably still costing much less.

Who knows if by 2023 the mid-sized sedan market will be that healthy. (Mazda has also no electrification plans for the new sedan. At least so far) And the next Mazda 6, no matter how good it gets, might eventually be struggling even more than the current one.

Let’s hope not…

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  1. I'd be surprised if the nose makes it. Looks too easy to hit a pedestrian and because of the nose's pointed shape with the beak looking pointed at the top, it might have a hard time dumping the person or kid on the hood like a lot of countries demand.

    A couple of safety counter-commercials by the opposition could destroy it. Toss in little Johnny being saved by the other brand and little Johnny being right in front of the nose of this with a fade to "???????????? Doesn't your family deserve better?". So, I'm not putting much stock into the look of that right now.

  2. The inline 6 could be it's saving grace, especially when most of it's competitors, including it's current self has gone to a turbo 4. Accord buyers went nuts when Honda got rid of the V6 and the Camry has retained it's V6. The new Mazda 6 is the vehicle I am looking forward to the most, followed closely by the C8 Z06. After 9 years, the fact that the current Mazda 6 is so competitive in it's segment is a compliment to Mazda and their engineering team. The 4th gen is going to be a very special car. The new CX5 also. I just hope the new Mazda 6 doesn't end up looking much like that render.

  3. Mazda has two issues: Poor advertising and a poor dealer network. You would think it was an exotic brand. I’m curious to know the sales numbers of the CX-5.

  4. Kudos to Mazda for putting so much effort into perfecting a car that no-one will buy. Personally, I’ve never gotten all the critical Mazda love, (other than for my Mazdaspeed Miata of course). I’ve test driven or rented pretty much all of them including the current 6 and: meh. One of my all time disappointments was having the rental agency give me a Mazda for two weeks in Tuscany and the Italian Riviera. It was an internet commenter wet dream: a manual diesel wagon. And what a bore to drive over those incredible winding country roads. Like I said, I just don’t get the critical Mazda love.

  5. ENG: As far as I know when it was first presented: The big GT concept: Mazda Vision! Coupe! long sedan in October 2017 at the Asian Auto Show in the Japanese Capital Tokyo !! It seems that the Manufacturing version of the fourth Generation Mazda 6 sedan MK4 will be unveiled sometime next spring 2022 or 2023 and will resemble the old concept car Mazda Vision coupe model 2017 but with small changes from showcar to Manufacturing model !! There are some major changes !!

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