2023 Mazda CX-60: CX-50 “coupe”…

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 As we know, Mazda has an all-new RWD platform coming out next year. Which will be used for the next generation CX-5, called the CX-50. As well as the all-new generation Mazda 6 sedan.

Apparently, there is a new rumor about a 3rd car based on that platform, which would just be a “coupe” version of the upcoming CX-50. Probably called the CX-60. Exactly what Infiniti just did with their new QX55. (I also think, while they’re at it, they should consider a raised AWD wagon of the next Mazda 6)

All of these models will also be available with the new inline 3.0 6 cylinder engine Mazda has been working on for the past few years. 

In times where everyone is making massive investments into new technologies, it seems quite out of step for Mazda to bet its near future on an RWD platform and a 6 cylinder engine. It could be another costly mistake, as their long-awaited Diesel engine. (That had to cost a bundle…)

Or one last hurray to some kind of old fashion idea of upscale gas-powered cars.

Don’t get me wrong, I think  RWD cars and crossovers with a super smooth inline 6 does sound wonderful.  I just wonder if that’s the right thing to do these days. Especially for a smaller brand like Mazda.

What do you think?

Genius or stupid???

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  1. As far as this being a mistake, I guess partnering with Toyota on this new platform and engine will probably get Mazda access to Toyota's green tech in return. There has to be a hybrid component to this new platform.

    And let's not forget, despite the looming government mandates, most automakers are completely failing at selling hybrids and EVs. It's a combination of lack of consumer interest and/or education, and the automakers just doing a bad job at designing these new cars. I think Toyota has the right approach – make nearly everything with a hybrid option, and now start making certain models hybrid only (Sienna and Venza). Slowly mainstreaming hybrids on the way to EVs.

  2. I know its plastic and not actually part of the hood as it appears, but with all the pedestrian-safety regulations its hard to imagine that meat cleaver front end making it to production…

  3. Stupid imo, especially considering that these "coupe," versions of the same crossover actually sacrifice cargo room for an arguably more stylistic wrapper. Mazda needs to pick one and just go with it, and please don't let it be anything like that illustration.

  4. I'd like to see a 6wagon also. But I'm tired of the option being these shooting brake styles that don't provide fictional space. Make it a bit more upright, not a sport wagon. Cuz those haven't sold.

  5. Oh great!
    Another mall hopper.
    All wheel drive is not Four Wheel Drive.
    And on the subject of inline sixes, Jeep has one in the works to be combined w, EV option, with get this! actual four wheel drive.
    I recently laughed seeing the latest Skyline Nismo is well in excess of $200,00.00
    $200,12 Sorry i'll take the fast TrackHawk, and have enough left over for a Trail Hawk GC and A nice Mediterranean Vacation.
    BTW They date from the same early 2000 time frame.
    see you off road.

  6. "We've found we can reduce blunt-force trauma in the event of a pedestrian strike by simply shearing them in half instead"

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