Acura TLX test drive: coming soon…

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I will be driving the new 2021 Acura TLX sedan this week.

The version I have is a loaded SH-AWD with the Advance package. 

So far, the car looks very nice in real life. The interior is also very luxurious in person. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have…

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  1. How is the turning diameter with the added length and width? My only real issue with the Accord is the truck like turning diameter. It truly makes a difference in the overall drivability of a vehicle, simply when parking or needing to negotiate a u-turn or at the minimum a 3 point turn on a narrower rd. The interior material quality and design is best in class imo. Recently I saw one for myself. Major improvement aesthetically inside and out from it's predecessor. Can't wait to see the Type S.

  2. I'm guessing this is the 2.0T? How does it compared to the Accord 2.0T if you drove one? I'm also interested in the various driver-assistance system as I've noticed Honda scored one of the worst in the JD Power survey for ADAS.

  3. I saw one in person on the the road the other day. Agreed, looks nice in the flesh. The side profile looked very s60-ish. From behind, the car was wide and looked great.

  4. So I have a 12 TL with SH-AWD. Drove this exact car 21 Advance.

    I thought the powertrain lagged. Shifts at low speed were slow and it hesitated to respond. Didn't seem as quick as the 12 I own now.

    Also the infotainment screen and track pad was nearly impossible. I tried for 30 mins to figure out how to adjust the bass and treble and them gave up.

    Are these things you noticed too? Car looks awesome..

  5. The TLX feels even more solid than the Accord. And the 2.0 T seems a bit quieter as well (Although already smooth and quiet on the Accord)
    As for the turning diameter, I haven't had problems or even checked that yet.
    The assistance systems are fine. I am not a huge fan of them anyway. It doesn't have the annoying Honda LaneWatch system. Where the screen turns into the street side-view every time you use the turn signal.

  6. Hey Vince,
    How is legroom and shoulder room front and back, assuming you are average height 5.10-6.0"?
    How is it as a cruiser on the highway and "carver" on twisting roads? Compared to what benchmark?

  7. The front is very roomy and the seats are great.
    And yes to average ( I am 5.11) I do fit in the back seat behind myself. But I think anyone taller would have a problem. It is weirdly smaller than the Accord back there. And much smaller than the CT5 (a RWD car) I was driving recently.

    As far as "carving" is really good, especially in the Sport mode. But the "comfort" mode is amazingly comfortable and actually kind of addictive. (And still handles well)
    Such a smooth ride is getting rare these days since everyone tries to be sporty.

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