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We all know the new Ford Mustang Mach-e didn’t start life as a “Mustang”. The project was just an electric crossover at first.
Later on, Ford suits decided to cash in on the Mustang name. This is what they did by turning a version of the Escape into a “Bronco” Sport. 
I think it is actually a good idea. Why not use their most recognizable names. 
The top image shows us what the EV project was going to look like. Which, I think, would have been nice as well. The Mach-e isn’t as modern as the early project. But it does have lots of “almost” retro Mustang touches. And I think they really did a good job of changing the proportions. 
I saw the Mach-e in person last year. And got to sit in it. I was very impressed. The interior is just so much nicer than a Tesla Model 3 or Y. And it did look really nice in the flesh. I just wish they’d offer some of the super cool colors they have for the Bronco and Bronco Sport. The choices they have now are almost as limited as Tesla.
Ford is currently hard at work on another, smaller EV crossover. I wonder it will end up being an addition to the Mustang family, or Bronco…

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  1. Yep, I’m glad Ford decided to share the original Model E project. They trademarked the name before Tesla had a chance to (for the Model 3). I think the changes they made were great. The decision to add some personality and passion build a bridge of their heritage into EV territory was great. More people connect with “Mustang” than “Model T.”

  2. "What could have been" would have been very difficult to tell apart from the onslaught of upcoming Bolt-derived GM products wearing that nearly-identical tired "floating roof" conceit. I'm glad Ford veered far away from that…

  3. Despite all the "not a Mustang" complaints, at least the Mach E has personality to it. Compare that to the original design, or to the Nissan Ariya or VW ID4. The rest are just anonymous, vaguely futuristic crossover boxes. Not one bit more exciting than any other regular crossover.

  4. Went from generic modern (please no more “floating” roofs!) to generic blobby. Either way this thing wouldn’t catch your eye in side profile. Ford was smart to add Mustang signifiers to the front and rear so at least there’s some personality there, even if borrowed and having nothing to do with a sports/muscle car.

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