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I really never thought I would be excited by a Jeep product.

But I think the new 2021 Grand Cherokee looks fantastic. The design is simple and will probably look good and classy for many years. Jeep did a terrific job updating their old SUV.

You can watch this short driving video (HERE) and see for yourself…

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  1. The interior looks amazing for a Jeep! The exterior while very simple and classy it's overall very vanilla.

  2. Not a fan of those traditional squared off wheel arches, but overall, best in class exterior design. Just subscribed to your YT channel as well. Never knew it existed Vince.

  3. Feels like Jeep's dodge Ram moment. This is the class beater that elevates Jeep the way the current generation Ram elevated ram trucks

  4. Looking at what they have done here, hopefully it means that these types of interiors will be on almost all their models. Seeing as a Compass can reach $38K, it's interior details should look the part.

  5. ok, i really like the styling inside and out but i am kinda confused.
    – Is this new styling ONLY for this new extended wheelbase Cherokee or this also applies to the regular normal wheelbase 2021 Cherokee??
    – Either way, altho i read the pentastar V6 is a reliable and good engine, too bad there was no further horsepower or refinement upgrades to it. At least give it more low down torque spread thru out the rev range. Not every buyer wants to shell out money for a diesel or hemi V8. Refine the pentastar V6, up the displacement/hp/torque figures, eke out a few more mpgs. Maybe a similar Toyota Rav4 Prime engine option would be something a lot of Jeep Cherokee buyers would be pleased to have, i dunno.

  6. The redesigned version of the normal wheelbase model will be coming out later this year. Probably early summer/late spring.
    It will be called a 2022 model. For now, the 2021 5 seater version is still the old one.

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