2022 Kia Sportage: new illustrations…

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These new illustrations do show a more mature design than some other guesses we have seen before. Still. This would not be an improvement over the current, and still really nice looking, generation.
That huge plasticky front grille is just a nightmare.
Let’s hope the real thing looks much better…


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  1. Ugly car anyway it resembles the Chinese model Kia Sportage Chinese suv I hope that kia to import its Long Version Kia Grand-Sportage Nq5 4×4 suv with 7 seats on the Old Continent and to ban the sale of the short version with 5 seats to be banned selling in Europe anyway will fail sales down sales if you import the short version with 5 seats kia sportage Nq5 also in the form of an SUV coupe as the old model of the output! I hope to import the Long version Kia Grand-Sportage Nq5 4×4 SUV with 7 seats and the same identical engines as the short version with 5 seats and this should be banned from selling in Europe the short version with 5 seats to leave room for the elongated version with 7 seats to be imported in Europe and the short one Only on the Asian Markets Without Europe !! I hope so too hmm !!

  2. At last the new KIA logo looks better here. The letters are separated instead of looking like KN.

  3. The downward line on the side makes it look "little girl". Its not just Kia that hires little girls in their design studios.

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