2022 Mazda CX-50: new illustrations…

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I think these look great. This would be a great looking update from the current CX-5.
The all-new CX-50 is due out as soon as late this year. Replacing the CX-5. 
And as we know, it will be the first model to use Mazda’s new RWD platform. (followed by a new Mazda 6 sedan and a CX-9 replacement)
As well as the new 3.0 Liter Inline 6 cylinder. 
Apparently, a plug-in hybrid version would also join the lineup. Which would make the new Mazda really competitive.
Let’s hope they don’t move too far upmarket. We don’t need more good expensive cars. We need more great affordable ones.
Not sure about the lower pic showing a bit of the interior. Where the console seems misaligned with the dash. Looking weird. Who knows…


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  1. Don't like the tortured sheet metal on the side. This seems to be a trend with Mazda, which is a company i think is wildly off-track. I can't stand their pretentious commercials either. Bring back Zoom Zoom, both in the ads AND in the cars!

  2. i think this mazda looks very nice. But i do suspect that it will go towards the luxury end of the market.
    -What does sound cool is the inline six engine option. Something non-turbo, with great down low torque. I'm sure Mazda engineers will come up with a few tricks to get decent mpg plus good ooomph to make the vehicle Zoom, zoom Z0o0om!

  3. Not so sure about those "eyelids", but let's hope a little nip and tuck will still fix those before they become real

  4. They need to make the gauge cluster digital. Analog gauges are going the way of the manual transmission.

  5. Imo, that looks horrible. Exactly like a CX-30 with a grossly elongated hood. Must be rolling on 25"s too. 😂

  6. Imo, that looks horrible. Exactly like a CX-30 with a grossly elongated hood. Must be rolling on 25"s too. 😂

  7. This bar soap with absolutely no edges is very old school design. Also going back to RWD? WHY? Mazda buyers are not BMW buyers and they look for practicality and interior space, legroom and headroom etc. Mazda, stop trying to be – and copying BMW. Nobody sees you that way. Snap out of the little delusional world you are living in for the last decade.

  8. Mazda has one problem. You know what's NOT luxurious? Being crammed into too little car. All their cars, with the exception of the CX5, have been cramped

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