2022 Mercedes EQS: more teasers…

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Mercedes just released photos of their new MBUX infotainment that will be used in the new 2022 EQS electric sedan.
And it includes this crazy, giant 3 art screen. That basically will cover the whole dashboard and center console. It almost looks insane…
it could either be a stroke of genius or end up being an extremely distracting feature. I just cannot imagine having a 3rd screen in front of the passenger side while I am concentrating on the road.
Since full-on self-driving is just not there yet. You still have to pay attention to the road and your surroundings.
The exterior teaser matches the spy shots we have seen (HERE) of course.
No matter what, the EQS will probably be a very impressive, futuristic car.
And with the Lucid Air, another nail in the aging Tesla Model S coffin.


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  1. I believe this MB may be very impressive, and at one time I also believed once other premium brand's tech caught up; that Tesla would no longer stand up to the market. After seeing that they delivered just shy of 500,000 vehicles globally in 2020, I very much believe that Tesla is here to stay. Tesla has built up a HUGE following. That, and the fact that Musk just passed Bezos for the richest man. While I am personally not Elon's biggest fan, I still respect all he has accomplished in such a short period of time. Can't wait to see what the "Plaid," Teslas are capable of.

  2. The thing that will keep Tesla in business is it's supercharger network. The patchwork of EV charging stations across the US that every other EV will have to use is pretty sketchy – different charging speeds, weird locations, faulty equipment, etc.

  3. I was a non believer till recently, and when I drove my cousins Model Y for 2 days in a row, I was convinced. Its no longer just about a luxurious experience anymore, they need to offer the level of technology Tesla offers, their UIs need to match Teslas UI.

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