2022 Opel Astra: new illustration…

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This is a very nice and realistic illustration of what the next-generation Opel Atra could look like.
Trying hard to use the new Opel design language we have seen in the recent Opel Corsa. And especially the new Mokka.
This is a car we will probably never see in the US since GM doesn’t own Opel anymore.
Although since new owner Peugeot (PSA)  and FCA are now one company, who knows.
The new deal could maybe bring some Peugeot/Citroen?DS models over here, eventually. But I think anything from Opel is probably out… (Especially a compact hatchback…)

This is the last time we saw the Opel Astra in the US. Sold as a Saturn until 2010.
I remember test driving it and thought it was a very decent car. The 2 door coupe looked great too.

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  1. Hmm from what I heard that the Opel Astra hatchback model will be the cousin of the platform with the New Generation of Peugeot 308 hatchback! The French brother with whom he will share both his mechanics and the French PSA engines, so the next Opel Astra Hatchback will have fourth generation Peugeot 308 Mk4 clothes because it will be based on the same mechanics as the French cousin Peugeot 308 Mk4 hatchback. heard some sources from the French Court from Psa !! 🤔🤔👸👸

  2. I could totally see this as a Dodge, but I know it won’t happen since they will never have a compact again.

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