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It looks like many have been trying to guess what Telsa’s new upcoming compact car will look like.

Not much is known about it yet. There are a few rumors only. Apparently, we might see it in 2022. Not sure if that would be a concept or the actual production car. A smaller hatchback would make sense, especially for the European market, where Tesla is building a new factory. It would be the perfect competition to the new VW ID3.

They are also talking of “new battery technology” being introduced in the compact. And especially, a $25 000 starting price. Which could make it well under $20 000 with incentives. (Since Tesla will probably qualify for EV incentives again pretty soon)

They released a teaser image of what the new model could look like (bottom pic) last year. I think the illustration on top is so far the closest I have seen to that rough teaser.

I think a sub-$20 000 Tesla (After incentives) could be hugely popular.  What do you think?

And which one of these would you like to see?


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  1. 2023 Tesla Compact: illustrations… (incorrect)
    2023 Tesla Compact: Illustrations…(incorrect)

  2. Will this be called the Model A? And the upcoming roadster the Model F? Because we all know Elon thinks his Tesla lineup is S3XY A F.

  3. 2023 Tesla Compact: illustrations… (incorrect)
    2023 Tesla Compact: Illustrations…(correct)***

  4. Vince… the concept image here isn’t confirmed as coming from Tesla. That image has been floating around as a render from a fan.

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