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Today we have a bit of everything:
– Early 1987 design for the C5 Chevrolet Corvette. 
– A couple of pictures from the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport design process. 
– The super cool (and super 70’s) 1977 Pontiac Type K Firebird Wagon. 
– An actual prop car (1 of 3 built) from the 1970’s TV show “UFO”.  


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  1. The UFO vehicles was in my childhood dream. Both of the streamlined cars but also the tank and the multipurpose lorry. In the 70's UK was the mecha design forefront.

  2. love the Pontiac Firebird Wagon… would make a great shooting brake car and draw a crowd at your local "coffee & carburetors" meets. They also had this body style for the 1980s Firebird/TransAm, I think just by replacing the glass bubble back with a station wagon roof/hatch. Look up the XJ-S based Lynx Eventer for a more British version

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