Ford Bronco pick-up: not until 2024???

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Apparently, Ford is afraid the upcoming Bronco pick-up could compete with the redesigned 2022 Ranger, due out later this year.

The Ranger starts at around $25 000. While the Bronco pick-up would probably be around $10 000 more. Since a basic 4 door Bronco is already $30 000. And its main competition, the Jeep Gladiator, starts at about $35 000.

I think a Bronco pic-up is a no-brainer. And a potential huge cash cow for Ford. Jeep waited forever before finally producing a pick-up version of the Ranger. 

There is also a rumor about a hybrid version of the Pick-up. This means it could be available on the regular Bronco as well in a year or two.

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  1. Waiting on the pickup makes a lot of sense. They haven't even launched the regular Bronco yet. This allows that vehicle time in the spotlight and also allows time for testing of the pickup, adjustments based on early production years of the normal Bronco, etc. Also helps reinvigorate some attention/sales probably after the initial novelty wears off with the first model year of the normal Bronco.

    Not to mention they have other vehicles (particularly pickups) to launch between now and then: Maverick, Ranger (as you mention), electric F-150.

  2. "Jeep waited forever before finally producing a pick-up version of the Ranger"

    Between "Hinda", "Kodenza" now this… Either Vince is taking the piss or he is going senile like Uncle Joe.

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