Fun with configurator: Lucid Air Vs. New Tesla Model S

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The Tesla Model S seemed like a good deal in the luxury EV market. Until last week… 
Since the price jumped $10 000 when the interior was finally updated.
I thought it would be fun to compare what you get from Lucid for about the same price.
I didn’t price the basic Air model. Since you cannot get the glass roof or fancy stereo on that model. So I priced the “Air Touring” starting at $87 500. Added a paint option, the glass roof, and sound system upgrade for a total of $95 000 before incentives. The Air does qualify for federal incentives of $7500.
If I include local incentives, the price would drop to about $85 000.
Which is only about $2500 more than the model S long rage with optional red paint.
The EV range is about the same for both cars. And both are more powerful and faster than anyone needs. The Air is a much more modern design. And seems much more upscale inside and out. 
While I do like hatchbacks, I would gladly give up some practicality for the Air’s overall quality look.
It will be quite interesting to see how the Air is doing…
Good job to Lucid. And good luck to Tesla.
Head over HERE to build your Lucid Air. And HERE to design your new Tesla Model S.
Which one would you pick?

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  1. Until the Lucid is in production and a proven entity, the Tesla is the only real option. I don't know anyone that doesn't love theirs, and most are on their second one. The Lucid is more luxurious. But having owned a Range Rover, I'm not going to be seduced by shiny objects ever again.

  2. The Lucid Air seems to be a vehicle that would appeal to both current Telsa owners (who aren't ride or die fanboys) and owners of ICE luxury sedans who are turned off by more of the weirder Tesla features (no speedometer on the Model 3 / Y) and now the Yoke steering wheel without indicator and wiper stalks on this and the X models.

  3. One minor difference between the Tesla and the Lucid is the Tesla is real and the Lucid is vapor. Anyone who knows anything about Silicon Valley knows products don’t count until they’re actually delivered.

  4. To FusioptimaSX, They also have one in Beverly Hills on Wilshire Blvd. Been open for a few weeks with car inside.

  5. I think if I had that kind of budget and wanted to purchase an EV, then Tesla is the way I would go. The formula is mostly tried and true compared to a current startup company in Lucid. I would let others be the early adopting guinea pigs.
    Tesla's customer service also seems pretty top notch from what I have heard from others. That will be really hard to beat.

  6. From what I can tell, the Lucid transmission is too dumb to figure out on its own whether it should be moving the car forward or backward. Unspeakably primitive.

  7. The exterior of the Lucid is gorgeous. With those aero wheels, the S looks really municipal. However with the upgraded wheels, the S is really sleek. Tesla needs to offer better color options. The interior of the Lucid is very nice, but it’s conventional and doesn’t appear to break any new ground. I know a ton of people who have gone from Mercedes S classes and Range Rovers to Model S’s and X’s. It seems as if the luxury market is partially shifting away from quilted leather, disco lighting and scent canisters. Buyers want minimalistic design with the technology being less conspicuous and cheesy.

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