GM’s CES 2021 keynote: the video…

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This is a long video with plenty of PR BS.
But there are a few interesting things to see. Or guess. Since they actually show most of their planned electric models…

Of course, all these future cars and SUVs are in the blurry background. 

Still, the top pic is the new Cadillac Celstiq sedan.
While the bottom photo shows a lot more.
The one on the left does look like a sports coupe. Could it be a next-generation Camaro EV?
Next, we have the Cadillac Lyriq. The next one in the far back looks like some hatchback sedan. maybe…
In the middle is the GMC Hummer. Then another hatchback thing… 
On its right is the new Cadillac Celestiq sedan. 
And I have no idea what the one on the far right is. Probably the Chevy electric pick up?
Can you see anything else?

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  1. Also zooming in on a higher quality image shows that the one to the left of the Hummer (between it and the Lyriq) is another crossover of some kind. Perhaps a Buick or a Chevy.

  2. A report on CNET says that GM's Vice-President of Global Design, Michael Simcoe, said that the vehicle in the left-most corner (behind the Cadillac) and the other vehicle in the left back row, to the left of the Hummer, are both Buicks.

  3. A lot to get excited about just nothing I would associate with driving. He talked about artificial sounds getting you in direct touch with the Hummer. It’s a computer… there is no direct connection possible. Huge screens to bring the outside inside. What a world that is coming…software trying to replicate reality… people just staring at screens from the moment they wake until the moment the sleep.

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