Hyundai Ioniq 5: more pix…

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Just a few details. But so far, this could really turn out to be a designer’s dream. The details we have seen so far are pretty amazing.

The only (big) mistake is the Hyundai logo. That just shouldn’t be there. At all.

Otherwise, I cannot wait to see the whole thing. Next week…

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  1. That Hyundai logo looks so out of place, but that is what they do. Maybe one day it will be “IONIQ 5, by Hyundai” with Hyundai spelled out or something. That logo is a poor reminder of their subpar 90s models. For some reason the brand spelled out, which was done in the 80s/early 90s doesn’t evoke the same negative emotions.

  2. I am seriously looking forward to Hyundai and Kia's new EV offerings, they are about to change the landscape!

  3. This looks amazing, could easily be my next vehicle. I'm not a Tesla guy, with all their quality control problems, so looking forward to more competition this year.

    This and the Nissan Aryia are high on my list.

  4. I wonder how long the Hyundai emblem will be on the cars? Maybe, they will follow in the footsteps they used when they decided to make Genesis it’s own brand.

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